Barack Obama

It turns out that when a President gives a big address to the nation, the still photos taken from the event aren’t actually from the event.

As Al Tomkins at Poynter explains, it’s policy not to have still photographers snapping pictures during a huge event.

So instead what happens is: Obama delivers his televised remarks, he walks out of the room, and then he comes back and photographers take still pictures. It’s age-old common practice, and it makes total sense.

Reuters posted a photo of what it looks like when all the cameraman are directly in front of The President.


[credit provider=”Reuters” url=””]

Obviously, some journo-ethics types have some complaints with this, and there does seem to be something dishonest about it, but it’s not a huge deal.With HD video getting really good, it seems like they should be able to just lift these images from the broadcast.

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