The NYT Has Provided Its Employees With Nap Rooms

sleeping nap student study notes

They call them ‘recovery couches.’

People who think big media companies don’t still have the upper hand on start-ups when it comes to office accoutrements should read this.

Behold this NYT memo that someone slipped to New York mag introducing the “privacy rooms.” 

Good news. This week, we installed two six-foot-long bench couches in the employee “Privacy Rooms” in the northwest and southwest corners of the third floor tower. These are the small rooms with opaque glass doors set up in the original building plan to afford employees a private place to make telephone calls or have conversations.

I think we can all agree that it good news.  Chris Rovzar thinks the rooms are a great place to sleep off hangovers and/or conduct an intra-office affair.   But just a plain old nap sounds pretty nice, too.

Read the full memo here >

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