The Number One Thing Ben Horowitz Looks For In An Entrepreneur

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Ben Horowitz of the influential VC firm Andreessen Horowitz had a long conversation with Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily last night.

One of the many interesting things to come out of it is what he’s looking for in an entrepreneur. He revealed that while answering a question about people who criticise him anonymously:

“If they don’t like what I’m doing, why don’t they come out and say it? And the reason that bothers me so much is because the number one thing that I look for in an entrepreneur is courage. Courage is the first virtue. And the reason it’s the first virtue is because if you don’t have it, you don’t have any other virtue.

“It’s easy to be honest, unless it’s going to cost you your job, or your marriage, and then it’s hard to be honest. When people that are supposed to be coaching entrepreneurs walk around giving anonymous tips to reporters, and those guys are advising the people that I’m supposed to be helping. Most people are only as nice as it’s convenient for them to be.”

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