The number of Australians who've voted on same-sex marriage just passed 10 million

Photo: Cameron Spencer/ Getty Images

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has just published its second weekly update on the estimated number of survey forms they received in the same-sex marriage postal survey, saying the figure has hit 10 million.

That figure, from last Friday, October 6, is an increase of 800,000 forms on last week, taking the total to 62.5% of forms in the voluntary vote returned.

The ABS estimate is based on the number of bulk containers of returned forms it has, rather than counting individual or processed forms.

Around 16 million surveys sent out late last month and there’s just under four weeks left for the form to be returned.

The survey closes on November 7 and the ABS is advising anyone who wishes to have their vote counted to post it by October 27. If you’ve lost your survey form, you can apply for a replacement up until Friday, October 20. Call 1800 572 113 or apply online.

The survey results will be released on November 15.

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