The number of Australians travelling overseas is booming - here's where they're going

The number of short-term departures in Australia hit an all-time high in March, with more than 716,00 Australians making overseas trips.

The upward trend continues after March 2014 recorded 709,600 short-term resident departures, or trips lasting no more than 12 months overseas.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in February 2015, there were 551,500 short-term resident departures and in January 2015, there were 686,600 short-term resident departures.

According to Tourism Research Australia, the number of Australians taking overseas holidays continues to increase with departures up 6% to 5.5 million during 2014.

New Zealand is still the most popular destination bringing in 1.2 million Australian travellers from 2013-2014. Indonesia follows closely behind with 1 million visitors – a 266.1% jump since 2003/2004, suggesting it might soon overtake New Zealand as the favoured holiday destination.

Of the top ten destination countries in the year ending June 2014, departures to India recorded the strongest growth with an increase of 321.3%.

Here are Australia’s favourite destinations.

1. New Zealand
2. Indonesia
3. United States
4. Thailand
5. United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
6. China
7. Singapore
8. Fiji
9. Malaysia
10. India

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