The NSW Parliament Held A Garage Sale, And Former Premier Kristina Keneally's Kettle Was Snapped Up For $10!

Garage Sale Trail founder Andrew Valder, Pittwater MP Rob Stokes, EPA waste and resource recovery director Steve Beaman (book) and Garage Sale Trail founder Darryl Nichols holding items at Parliament’s garage sale.

When it comes to governments selling off assets, yesterday’s sale at the NSW Parliament was an unusual one. MPs held a garage sale to promote the Garage Sale Trail, a statewide chance for everyone to sell off their excess stuff on October 25.

The even raised $1,191.55, which went to the Glen Turner Trust (named in honour of the environmental protection officer shot and killed near Moree in July), while the Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation scored $600 from the accompanying sausage sizzle.

Among the items sold were plenty of bottles of wine – no 50-year-old Grange, though – and several quirky items, including former premier Kristina Keneally’s kettle, an iconic piece of political history which Til Myers bought for $10.

Environment minister Rob Stokes, who helped organise the sale, says he’s still open to offers on this piece of political history.

Business Insider was on the hunt for a piece of Vegemite toast that looked like Bob Carr, but we failed in our quest.

Speaking of hot water, Maitland MP Robyn Parker donated copies of the Doc Park and Code Blue CD, which recently featured in ICAC, along with her husband. They fetched $5 each, considerably less than former Newcastle mayor and developer Jeff McCloy allegedly paid for it.

Bargain of the sale was a Florence Broadhurst painting, donated by a former employee of the Sydney designer, which sold for $100, along with an 80-year-old brass horse statue snapped up for $22. Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams sold his West Tigers signed jersey, but given their season, the $75 price tag suggests the buyer was ripped off. His Cowboys jersey went for $80.

The pistol that used to sit on the desk of an ALP MP

The top selling item was a 1972 letter from former prime minister Bob Menzies, which Stokes had in his possession and one of his staffers bought. The minister seemed to have a cupboard full of curios, also offloading an 36-long ornamental pistol, which, legend has it, used to sit on the desk of former ALP MP Jack Fredrick Richardson during his six-month stint as an upper house member in the 1950s. It sold for $100 to Duncan Miller, SC.

NSW environment minister Rob Stokes said October 25’s Garage Sale Trail is community recycling at its best. More than 140 councils nationwide are involved in the initiative, which began in 2010.

“It inspires people to think differently about how theirs might be re-used, and encourages everyone to think twice before throwing things away,” he said.

Any household can take part in the Garage Sale Trail. You can register for it for free here.

* Editor’s note: Apologies to former premier and tea maker Kristina Keneally for originally alleging her kettle was unsold. We are calling for a parliamentary inquiry in an attempt to find out how this mistake occurred.

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