The NSW government wants to trial car space sharing in Sydney

Photo: Getty Images

Parking in Sydney is a nightmare, but the state government has flagged it’s open to trialling car space sharing of government-leased parking lots across the CBD, Parramatta and Gosford.

NSW minister for finance, services and property Dominic Perrottet said the proposal is about “making the most of what we have” and putting “under-utilised” assets like car spaces to work.

“These car spaces don’t belong to us – they are the property of NSW taxpayers and it’s our responsibility to maximise their use before, during and after business hours,” Perrottet said.

“We want to tap into the collaboration economy to make life easier for our citizens and deliver benefits for taxpayers.”

The state government has opened a tender process for operators to provide a tech platform to trial car space sharing at several government-tenanted properties.

The department of finance currently leases nearly 400 car spaces across the CBD, Parramatta and Gosford for operational and business purposes, however many of these spaces are unoccupied at various times of the day and night.

Car space sharing startups Divvy Parking and ParkMonkey have both been involved in the development of the idea.

“We are tapping into new technology and innovative startups to advise us on the feasibility of this approach,” Perrottet said.

The successful company will commence an initial six-month trial with the possibility to extend, if the Government deems the car space sharing trial successful.

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