The NSW government is worried about guns being attached to drones

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images.

The NSW government is reviewing current laws which allow guns to be attached to drones.

A spokeswoman for NSW deputy premier Troy Grant told The Daily Telegraph that the local government would potentially change existing laws to prevent guns from being attached to drones citing “public safety” as the main reason.

“The government is reviewing the NSW law in this area, and how it relates to Commonwealth civil aviation law, in consultation with other jurisdictions,” the spokeswoman said.

“Firearms need to be registered and licensed and used only according to the genuine reason for its possession.”

While authorities are worried aerial vehicles could become dangerous when equipped with weaponry, it’s also concerning that it’s relatively easy to remotely fire pistols.

Earlier last year, an 18-year-old was investigated after posting a YouTube video showing a handgun firing shots while attached to a drone.

The 15-second video which drew more than 3 million views prompted concerns that it had violated aviation regulations.

In NSW, those looking to get hold of and use a firearm must obtain a licence or permit beforehand. Currently, drones in Australia are permitted to fly without certification provided they are not for commercial gain.

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