The NSW Government Is Planning 60,000 New Apartments Along Sydney's Heavily Congested Parramatta Road

Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Program/ Urban Growth NSW.

Parramatta Road, one of Sydney’s most notoriously congested road corridors, is about to get one doozy of a makeover.

The Baird government has announced plans for 60,000 new apartments, spread across the eight suburbs Parramatta Road runs through – Granville, Auburn, Homebush, Burwood, Kings Bay, Taverners Hill, Leichhardt and Camperdown – by 2050.

The Government claims the increased residential density along the corridor will help create up to 50,000 jobs, contribute $28 billion of investment to the area, and support the growing Sydney population.

The population of the Sydney metropolitan region is expected to increase by 1.6 million by 2031, which will attribute to a 3.2% growth in the suburbs that run along Parramatta Road.

According to the draft Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Strategy, the WestConnex Motorway will provide the catalyst to restore the Parramatta Road corridor.

“It will change traffic volumes on the road, which in turn will enable the improvement of public transport and urban amenity to support growth,” the strategy reads.

Around 2.8 million trips on an average weekday are made to, from, and within the Parramatta Road corridor, with a third of people traveling to work by public transport.

Under the draft, there will be better interchanges between public transport services with rapid bus routes and transport interchanges – particularly between Burwood and the CBD, heavy traffic will be diverted into the WestConnex motorway and cycle routes within a five kilometre radius of major urban centres along the corridor.

Minister for Planning Pru Goward says Parramatta Road has been “an eyesore in our global city for too long.”

“Successive governments have done nothing to fix the blight that is Parramatta Road. Thanks to the NSW Government’s commitment to the WestConnex project, we now have the opportunity to take action on this important strategic corridor,” she said.

More detailed transport plans will be released next year.

Here’s a look at what each suburb can expect from the development along the Parramatta Road corridor.

1. Granville

2. Auburn

3. Homebush

4. Burwood

5. Kings Bay

6. Taverners Hill

7. Leichhardt

8. Camperdown

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