The Northern Territory News Has One Of Its All-Time Great Front Pages Today: A Croc Eating A Shark

There’s no other paper in the world like the Northern Territory News. While England has a bunch of papers that make stuff up – Hitler’s plane found on moon, etc – the NT News always brings the biggest breaking stories, like the time, two years ago, when the front page featured a bloke who’d stuck a firework where the sun don’t shine at a party, under the truly legendary headline ‘Why I Stuck A Cracker Up My Clacker’.

One of the NT News’ other specialties is crocs. They are to the front page of the Murdoch-owned tabloid what page three girls were to London’s The Sun.

Combine dangerous wild animals with killer headlines and you have an Australian National Treasure in this wildly entertaining paper.

Today’s features a huge croc with a shark in its jaws. One for the pool room.

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