Manhattan's Stuyvesant Town Is A Total Mess

fdr sign east river sandy

Photo: Rob Wile for Business Insider

The flooding experienced last night in the Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town housing complexes on Manhattan’s east side was unprecedented. The waters have receded for now, but devastation left by the rising East river is clear.

Garages remain flooded, and the 14th Street ConEd substation — which powers much of downtown Manhattan — remains offline, possibly for up to a week.

The loading zone for the VA Hospital at 23rd and First Avenue

The river came up 23rd Street, clearing cars as it went

Lots of cars had their windows open this morning — meaning they'd been filled with water overnight

This car was parked under FDR Drive, which runs parallel to the East River. It did not fare well.

The East Side is covered with debris, brought in by the sea. This beam didn't fall from the sky...

The water line along East 23rd Street

The BP station at 23rd, just beneath the FDR drive, didn't make it

Cut off

A port-a-potty under FDR Drive

The water line in Stuyvesant Town

Anything below street-level in Stuytown got doused

Garages, and whatever was in them, were totaled. This garage was on Avenue C

The area just outside the ConEd station remains soaked

Avenue C remains flooded

The station itself remains completely flooded. As of 9 am, crews were still assessing damage

The mangled awning of a bodega on 14th Street

Even after everything, New Yorkers must get their jog on

It was bad

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