The NFL’s Official Web Site Is Running An AP Story Ripping Its Pro Bowl

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Dan Levy of points out that is currently running a game story for last night’s snooze-fest of a Pro Bowl that calls it out for being exactly that.Like many sports sites, republishes stories from the Associated Press, which is usually extremely objective.  But whoever wrote this piece is apparently fed up with the Pro Bowl. 

Check out some of these quotes from the story:

  • “What followed was a sloppy show that was not exactly riveting entertainment a week before the Super Bowl.”
  • “The NFC’s 55-41 victory, a game not nearly as interesting as that score might suggest, did nothing to repair the tattered image of the NFL’s all-star contest.”
  • “New England’s Bill Belichick, the AFC coach and a man of even fewer words than usual, might have come closest to summing up the game with his mumbled cliche: ‘It is what it is.'”

  • “Pro Bowls are, by their nature, laid-back affairs, seemingly played at half speed by players whose biggest concern is to get on the plane home without injury. The AFC took that attitude to an uncomfortable extreme early, then outscored the NFC, 41-13, over the last two minutes of the first and all of the second half.”

Any guesses on how long it takes for the NFL to take this story down?

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