The NFL IS Soft-Pedaling The Favre Naked Crotch Shot Investigation – Embarrassing

Roger Goodell with Michelle Obama

Photo: AP

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he’s still not talked to Brett Favre about (very solid seeming) allegations that the star QB sent pictures of himself masturbating to a uninterested employee of the New York Jets.This despite league sources telling reporters the investigation has been “fast-tracked.”

“We’re gathering all the facts, Matt,” Goodell told Today Show cohost Matt Laur this morning.

 “We want to make sure that we understand exactly what happened.  We also want to make sure that everybody in the NFL, whether you’re a player, coach, Commissioner, recognise the responsibility that we all have to the public, to the people who follow our game.  When we get the facts, we’ll apply the Personal Conduct Policy.”

Oh please. This is nothing more than an embarrassing example of the league coddling a star reporter. Bet you anything Goodell and company are trying to push this issue off till after the season is over.

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