The NFL Fined Troy Polamalu $10,000 For Calling His Wife From The Sidelines

Troy Polamalu


Troy Polamalu left last Sunday’s game with concussion-like symptoms after making a tackle.Possessing a history of brain injuries, a common reaction by Polamalu would be to call his wife, Theodora, and assure her everything was fine.

So he quickly borrowed a phone to place that call.

Naturally, the NFL fined him $10,000.

This wasn’t a long distance call. It is against NFL rules to have cell phones or electronic equipment near bench areas from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the game.

But this wasn’t to check Polamalu’s Twitter. It was to assure his wife that he hadn’t suffered a career-threatening injury. 

His coach, Mike Tomlin, said earlier in the week he hoped common sense “would prevail.”


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