Buffalo Snared By NFL Blackout Rule. Will Detroit Escape?

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Photo: mr.thomas on flickr

Sunday’s telecast of the Jacksonville Jaguars visiting the Buffalo Bills will be blacked out in the local market, USA Today reports. NFL rules require that games be blacked out in the home TV market when the games fail to sell out 72 hours prior to kickoff.

There were six blackouts in the first four weeks of the season. Last season there was a five-year high of 22 blackouts.

It’s no surprise the Bills finally fell victim to the blackout rule, they’ve been horrid for several seasons now. They haven’t sniffed the postseason since 1999. In the past two weeks the Bills released their opening day starting quarterback, and traded away their starting running back. Through four weeks of action they’re 0-4, and last week’s home loss to the Jets wasn’t even close.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions are dangerously close to a blackout of their own, but with just 2,500 empty seats remaining in their 55,000-seat digs, the NFL gave them a 24-hour extension. According to USA Today, in most cases where the NFL extends the deadline the games are saved from blackout.

Out-of-market subscribers to NFL Sunday Ticket, the DirecTV service that allows access to all the games, are still able to watch blacked out games.

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