Wearables Could Be The Next Technology To Transform The Travel Industry

Mobile has already had a huge impact on the enormous travel industry. And now, travel companies are looking at what’s next — as new technologies emerge that can help travellers record their adventures, take the best pictures, and navigate unfamiliar streets.

Wearables are among the devices that could have huge potential for the travel industry.

Just as mobile phones pair with travel, wearables also make sense as a go-to device for exploring travellers. And the expectation that wearables will play a role in the travel industry is borne out in the travel apps that are popping up for the devices. Travel+Leisure named some of their favourite wearables tech travel trends from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, citing features like ski goggles equipped with HD cameras so you can live-stream your run, and a smart bracelet that measures UV exposure at the beach.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we look at how the worldwide adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is dramatically changing how we travel — before, during, and after the trip — and what the impact of that change is to businesses in the enormous travel industry. Players in the travel industry are emphasising mobile as a core component of their business strategies, and working to make their products and services mobile-friendly. Those that do not adapt risk becoming relics of a bygone desktop computing era.

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Here are some of the key points from our report on mobile travel:

In full, the report:

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