The Next Step In Wearable Electronics: Scientists Have Implanted Health Sensors On Contact Lenses

Image: Nature Communications

Think of sensors so thin and flexible that you could just slap them on your skin where they would give early warning on health issues.

Swiss researchers say a new method for transferring thin, flexible, transparent electronic devices onto almost any surface allow for devices so flexible they could be wrapped around a human hair.

The scientists tested the system by creating contact lenses with inbuilt pressure sensors, which could be used for monitoring glaucoma.

Coupled with biocompatibility, this opens possibilities for smart contact lenses that could be used for health monitoring.

The ability to create wearable health sensors hinges on being able to transfer thin, flexible devices onto many surfaces.

Giovanni Salvatore, a Scientific Fellow at the Wearable Computing Group in Zurich, and his group developed a simple technique that allows for transistor devices to be transparent and can stick to flexible objects and biological tissue.

The researchers, reporting their finding in the journal Nature Communications, show the potential of this method by transferring pressure sensors onto contact lenses.

The tiny flexible sensor

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