The Next 'Silent Hill' Game Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Silent-hills-screamYouTubeThis is one gamer’s reaction while playing the ‘Silent Hills’ demo.

“Silent Hill” is one of the creepiest, pants-wettingest game franchises ever created. But after a two-year hiatus, Sony is bringing back the nightmare fuel with a new “Silent Hill” game, which was announced at a Gamescom press conference Tuesday night, according to Polygon’s Michael McWhertor.

But it was first disguised as a game called “P.T.,” short for “Playable Trailer,” so no one would know what was coming.

The game has a talented roster so far: It will be made by Hideo Kojima, the legendary creator of the “Metal Gear” franchise, and Guillermo del Toro, the famous film director behind “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Hellboy.” The game will also star Norman Reeds from “The Walking Dead” as the main character, who looks like he does in real life.

The game will likely be called “Silent Hills,” according to the title card at the end of the teaser.

Sony initially advertised “P.T.” as a new horror game for the PS4 from an unknown developer called 7780s Studio. The demo came with an unusual warning: “Avoid playing if you have a heart condition.”

Gamers who reached the end of the demo realised “P.T.” was actually the new “Silent Hill” game. Just watch some of these gamers’ reactions from playing the demo.

PlayStation 4 owners can still play the demo through the PlayStation Store. If you’re too creeped out to play it yourself, check out this gamer play through the end of the playable demo, which includes the trailer for “Silent Hills.” Try not to bite your nails off.

While some of the more recent “Silent Hill” titles have been less favourably reviewed, the original games released on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were critically acclaimed for their “immerse, frightful and compelling storyline[s],” and have been a staple of Sony’s gaming consoles ever since. 

“Silent Hills” has no set release date.

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