The Next iPhone Will Have A Smaller Dock Connector

iPhone 5 leaked case maker model

Photo: Kit Guru

Apple is about to piss off a bunch of its customers.Reuters hears from two sources that the next iPhone will have a smaller dock connector in order “to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom.”

The iPhone has had a 30-pin connector since it launched, which takes up 21 mm of space at the bottom of the phone. That’s valuable real estate for a device like the iPhone. The new phone will reportedly have a smaller 19 pin connector instead.

While this gives Apple more room to play with, it also means that any accessories like speakers and charging stations that customers have purchased for their current iPhones will not work with the next model, unless Apple comes up with another solution.

rumours about a smaller iPhone dock have been floating around for a while, as some leaked photos of iPhone 5 cases have also suggested the dock will shrink to 19 pins.

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