Meet ooVoo, The New Google Hangouts Killer You Can Use In Facebook


, the social video chatting service we recently introduced you to, has just launched a new Facebook app, bringing a Google Hangouts-like service to the social network.

Video is surprisingly crisp due to ooVoo being a cloud-based service instead of peer to peer (computer to computer). You can even connect with friends who don’t have the ooVoo application installed by emailing, posting, or texting an ooVoo call link.

“This release was driven by our daily interactions with our users, and by our vision of an open communications platform that seamlessly becomes part of our users’ social lives,” said Yuval Baharav, ooVoo’s CEO.

ooVoo’s new update demonstrates the company’s belief that communication with others should be free and open. With other platforms like Skype you have to download the app, create a username, and go through the rest of that long process. You just need a Facebook profile with ooVoo.

Previously, users had to subscribe to ooVoo’s premium service in order to video chat with 12 people at once. You can now do that for free.

The updated iPad app now allows users to host a 12-way chat in HD with four simultaneous video streams.

To see the new Facebook app for yourself head over to Facebook, log in, and search for “ooVoo.”

ooVoo is free and available for Windows/Mac at the ooVoo website. You can get the mobile apps from theĀ Apple App Store and Android Play Marketplace.

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