Meet ooVoo, The Skype Rival Middle Schoolers Are Obsessed With

oovoo chat on ipad

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I first learned about ooVoo from my younger brother who is currently in middle school. It is all the rage among his friends. The kids use the app to visually interact with each other and have been using it for over a year now.

ooVoo is a video chat client available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

It makes a great alternative to Skype, especially because it lets you talk to multiple people simultaneously for free.

With ooVoo you can interact with friends in crisp HD and share what’s around you.

ooVoo allows you to make video calls, send text messages, and securely share files (up to 5MB) for free.

The company also offers more features through two paid plans, ooVoo Pro and ooVoo Plus. In addition to having access to all of the free features paid users can record video calls, video conference with up to 12 people, securely send up to 25 MB, and much more. Keep reading to see how it works.

Tap to open ooVoo

When you first fire up the app you are greeted by the login screen. Enter your username and password to log in

The desktop login is a little different from the iPad, but you still need to login with your username and password

Here are the pricing plans, free, premium monthly, and pay as you go

Once you are in the app your list of contacts is the first thing you see

The phone tab for all your calling needs. Contact landlines, mobile phones, and over 70 countries

The desktop dialer

Instant messaging works just like you're used to. Just type a message and hit send.

Video chatting is easy. Select your contact and choose 'Start ooVoo Call'

You'll know the call is dialling when you see yourself.

A chat in progress

Settings for the desktop app allows you to tweak privacy settings, notifications, and more.

Settings for iPad is limited compared to the desktop version

To send files from your computer click this button

Next select this button and upload your file and you're done!

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