The next 3 industries and markets the wealthy believe will make them richer

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The world’s high net worth individuals have three key target industries they believe will build them more wealth over the next decade.

The annual Wealth Report by analysts Capgemini shows that Australia last grew the number of high net worth individuals by 4% to 234,000.

These are people with $1 million or more to invest excluding their main residence.

Capgemini compiled the 20th edition of the report from the results of a survey of 5200 wealthy people from 23 countries.

Here are the industries and markets where the wealthy expect to grow their money over the next decade:

Source: Capgemini

China, the growth engine of the world, is on top as a market. Financial services is the main opportunity in the sectors.

Globally in 2015 high wet worth individual wealth grew by a modest 4%.

But in this part of the world, Asia-Pacific, the growth rate was a more aggressive 10%, the first time the region is ahead of North America for both wealth and the number of highly net worth individuals.

In 2015, Asia-Pacific held $US17.4 trillion in wealth with a 5.1 million high net worth population in comparison to North America’s $US16.6 trillion 4.8 million wealthy.

Global high net worth wealth reached $US58.7 trillion and the population grew at 4.9% to 15.4 million.

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