NewsMarket’s ‘Video Café’ A Snore


Midtown-based NewsMarket just approved our beta account for their new corporate b-roll dump for bloggers, so we gave it a spin. As suspected, there’s little of value here yet, unless you want to download raw footage of GM CFO Fritz Henderson spinning earnings, embed a 6-minute video of Robert Scoble gushing about video podcasts, or watch’s lame “algorithm” commercials. Unclear where the company got the idea that there is “much demand” for a service like this, especially considering how touchy the blogosphere can be about corporate influence tainting editorial content. After the jump, one prized clip, pre-chopped in sound byte format for lazy vloggers, where AOL SVP Lewis D’Vorkin spouts about an AOL news platform that provides “yet another way to engage our citizen journalists in helping to shape the news of the day.” Lewis was once SAI managing editor Peter Kafka’s boss at Forbes magazine, and watching the clip reminds Peter of how much Lewis scared him. He also respected him tremendously. Hi, Lew!