The NewsMarket Offers Corporate Video To Bloggers

NY-based The NewsMarket, which handles video distribution for large companies, is opening some of its video library to bloggers “after much demand.” The company is launching VideoCafé, a portal for bloggers who want to embed video — primarily canned corporate footage — in their posts from companies like Google, Yahoo!, Intel, Nintendo, AOL, Dell, Dow Chemical, and others. It’s not clear how much video will be initially available, but a preview reel (embedded here after the jump) includes clips from Bill Gates’ Harvard commencement speech, people using scientific equipment and the like. We assume their library will include a mix of raw corporate footage, speeches and marketing material, but we’re not sure how big a market exists for what’s mostly PR b-roll. I’m personally hoping for as much hi-res Steve Ballmer footage as Microsoft is willing to part with. Release via Techmeme