The newest ad for the Apple Watch is all about fitness

Apple watch live brightYouTubeApple Watch ads put technology in the background.

Apple’s latest ad for the Apple Watch, which comes in time for spring, wants to show how technology can be used to lead an active lifestyle.

The ad (watch it in full below), called Live Bright, starts with the notification “time to stand” and then moves into a fast-paced rhythm set to Beyonce’s “Freedom.”

Across a succession of many bright colours, the ad shows people doing a variety of sports and activities including basketball, hiking, and mountain biking.

The ad showcases the Apple Watch Series 2’s waterproof capability, which is put to the test in swimming and water balloon fights in the ad.

It’s similar to the tone that Apple struck in its advertising when it launched the Series 2 watch and made activities the center of the ad.

The video was created by Apple’s agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

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