The New York Times Allegedly Stole Another Newspaper’s Story

A screenshot of the article the Times is accused of stealing.

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The New York Times posted an article called “Death and Football” for download on its website, in connection with a Times story this weekend about the author of “Death and Football,” Clark Booth. The problem is, “Death and Football” isn’t a New York Times article — it was published in a newspaper called the Real Paper in 1976, and the copyright is now owned by alt-weekly the Boston Phoenix, Phoenix editor Carly Carioli wrote today.But the Times photocopied and posted the article online regardless, which Carioli claims is a blatant violation of the Phoenix’s copyright.

If these allegations are true, they would be ironic in light of the pro-SOPA and pro-copyright columns by Bill Keller and Cary Sherman the Times has published in the last few days.

As of now, “Death and Football” remains online. We’ve reached out to the Times for comment and will update accordingly.

UPDATE: The Times got back to us at 6:12 p.m.: 

We take copyright very seriously and were not aware of the violation when the story was posted.  Once it was brought to our attention, we removed the Boston Phoenix-owned article from our site.