Story On The Death Of Alt-Weeklies Starts A Funny Twitter Flame War

Village Voice

Kat Stoeffel’s story in the New York Observer covers the declining fortunes of New York’s alt-weeklies.

She exhaustively details the troubles of New York Press, Time Out New York, and the Village Voice.

Tony Ortega, the Voice‘s editor-in-chief, didn’t take kindly to the story. He took to Twitter to express his objections:

  • Funny how a pub that’s gone through 4 editors recently yet again brings up that we went through several — five YEARS ago. Sigh.
  • So the Press is about to close, Time Out was slashed and sold, and the Voice still making money. Funny how the story didn’t read that way.
  • The Observer has been whiplashed by change and is hanging by a thread, so I know it’s therapeutic to dump on us. Really, I don’t mind.
  • Most embarrassing thing? Someone actually called Time Out New York an “alt-weekly.”

Gawker’s John Cook also joined the fun with some tweets, noting that there was a certain paper missing from the story:

  • There’s a sizable salmon elephant stomping around unheralded in this story:
  • Oh and the elephant is very, very skinny.
  • @nickrizzo If you’re gonna take a look at struggling NY weeklies that have been devastated by the web, you ought to look at all of them, no?