The new 'Tomb Raider' game is absolutely stunning

There’s a new “Tomb Raider” game coming in the very near future, November 10, and it’s¬†gorgeous. Just look at this:

The name of this year’s game is “Rise of the Tomb Raider,” and it follows in the footsteps of the last series entry — an origin story of the game’s main character, Lara Croft.¬†

Let’s find out what makes this year’s “Tomb Raider” so special.

These are the mountains in Siberia where Lara will be spending most of her time in the new game:

Thus the parka:

She's after the ancient city of Kitezh, a mythical city from Russian religious history. Is this it?

But first, before she reaches any tombs or mythological cities, she has to cross the Siberian wilderness:

Luckily, the Siberian wilderness is very pretty too!

But eventually, as these things go, Lara will re-enter the world of tomb raiding:

And digging through said tombs:

RAW Embed

And it wouldn't be a 'Tomb Raider' if it weren't a game besieged by wild beasts in the form of both animals and humans:

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And secret treasures:

And ornate underground cities:

And miserable, terrifying, underwater exploration:

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