UNBOXED: The New Tiger Woods Shoes From Nike

Nike TW14

In a case of perfect timing, Nike announced that it has a new model of Tiger Woods’ signature golf shoe coming out on June 7.

Woods has been on fire this year, winning four of the seven times he’s teed it up.

Nike sent along a pair for me to review. I’ll get to the review in the weeks to come. For now, I have an unboxing and a snap reaction to the shoes.

I have last year’s model. After putting these new shoes on, and walking around the office, I think new model is more comfortable, and more breathable.

On the looks side of things, though, I have to give the slight nod to last year’s model, at least at first blush.

I don’t know what they’re like on the course, though. I’ll have a detailed report shortly. In the meantime, enjoy some shoe porn.

The box.

The box from another angle.

Inside the box you get this nice baggie to carry the shoes.

The baggie fully opened up.

A little card comes with it to explain your new cleats.

The big reveal...

The red really pops.

A look at the soft spikes.

Note the perforations at the top to make it more breathable.

Another angle.

One more of the grippy bottoms.

The back of the shoe has a subtle TW insignia.

From the front.

And here's a close up of the loops for the laces.

One last look.

As a comparison, this is last year's shoe. A little simpler, but perhaps not as comfy.

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