The New Target Boss Is Spring-Cleaning And Has Thrown Out His Predecessors Expansion Plans

Getty/ James Knowler

New target boss Stuart Machin has taken the term ‘Spring-clean’ to a new level, replacing his predecessor Dene Rogers and all projects he envisaged for Targets expansion.

Roger’s plans for Target along with an up-and-running online marketing campaign directed at New Zealand based customers, have been abandoned by Machin who plans to focus on the basics of retailing.

“Everything has stopped, it’s all under review — I stopped them all because I wanted to make sure we focused on what was going on in our homeland and getting the business back on track,” Machin told The Australian.

Reducing stock, getting the brand up to date with an evolving retail market and focusing on the core essence of why customers shop at Target, are objective Machin’s believes by achieving will turn around the lack of strategic direction the brand has been struggling with, reports The Australian.

“We’re very lucky because our customers are sticking with us and want us to do well, but they’re also demanding that we keep up with style, quality and with amazing prices,” says Machin while admitting the next 12 month will be a challenge.

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