The new 'Star Wars' poster is out and a key theme has emerged

There’s a couple of things to note about this new official poster for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which dropped this morning:

First, it’s the first official poster not created by Drew Struzan. This one was designed by uber-fan and Anakin Skywalker cosplayer Bryan Morton.

The could mean either Struzan is working on another poster for the film (note this one doesn’t feature Luke Skywalker) or the baton of official Star Wars poster creator has been passed on.

You might have noticed the new “Death Star”, but some sharp-eyed fans have noted it looks more like something cut into a planet:

It’s most likely “Starkiller Base” – here’s the placeholder over at the official site for it, with some details:

But the biggest reveal is something to do with Rey, the spaceship parts scavenger dropped onto the desert planet Jakku.

Here she is front and centre of the second official TFA poster:

Image: Drew Struzan/Disney

And look again at today’s release:

She’s positioned in both verging on aspects of the Light and Dark side of the Force.

In fact, she’s all but holding Kylo Ren’s crazy lightsaber in the second.

That’s interesting because there’s not a lot of “bad” roles for women in the Stars Wars trilogies. The best was saved for Asajj Ventress, an acolyte of Count Dooku’s in the TV series “The Clone Wars”.

It’s clear now Rey’s journey is a key element of the first movie of the new trilogy… but which path will she choose?

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