Rdio Is Trying Way Too Hard To Copy Spotify

New Rdio Interface

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Music streaming service Rdio announced today at SXSW a redesign that includes more social features such as sharing what you’re listening to with friends and publicizing your handcrafted playlists.The new social features are clearly designed to match Spotify’s excellent Facebook integration.

Now on the right sidebar where your friends’ music stream rolls out, you can also click on the song to listen in on the same thing you friend is jamming to.

The new Rdio interface also looks a lot like iTunes, with big album covers splattered across the main screen and silver navigation bars. (Spotify also borrows from iTunes’ design). When you search for a song, artist, or album, the search engine also tries to remember what you’ve looked for in the past in case you want to revisit a tune.

You can also drag and drop music items to share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and check who in your friends list listened to the same song you might be.

Rdio works for both Mac and Windows, and it offers a decent streaming service. But with Spotify integrating these features way ahead of Rdio, it may have to work a bit harder to get users to switch and eventually pay for its service aside from being able to access the mobile app service.

The new Rdio is available to current subscribers via the desktop and app clients.