The New Minister for Small Business Wants To End The ATO's 'Attack' On The Self-Employed

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The new Minister for Small Business has put the Australian Taxation Office, the Fair Work Ombudsman and the construction watchdog on notice over what he says has been a “concerted attack” on self-employed people and independent contractors under Labor.

The Australian Financial Review reports that just a day after being sworn in, Bruce Billson accused Labor of trying to to push more people toward union-friendly arrangements in the construction, transport and the textiles, clothing and footwear industries.

“We’ve seen efforts to bargain away the opportunity to engage contractors, and additional reporting requirements in the building industry,” Mr Billson said.

“We’ve seen independent contractors in the transport industry whose pay is determined by an independent tribunal.

“And contractors in the clothing, textile and footwear area engaged to do contract work now being told they have to be engaged as employees to get minimum hours.”

The national secretary of the CFMEU’s construction division, Dave Noonan, denied the claims, saying it had evidence showing employees were being forced into sham contracts lacking sick leave or superannuation entitlements.

Read more about Bruce Billson’s crackdown on the ATO at the AFR.

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