Here's Why The New Mac Pro Is The Most Badass Desktop Computer Ever

Apple WWDC Mac Pro unveiling

The Mac Pro has always been the most powerful workhorse money could buy from Apple.

Intended for users with the highest-end video and audio production needs, it has traditionally started at over $2,000 and featured top-of-the-line hardware.

However, Apple hasn’t had a new Mac Pro in three years. After rumours that the desktop workhorse was going away, Apple wowed us today with a brand new design that completely blows the old one out of the water.

With 12 cores, the Mac Pro will be able to do processor-intensive work like file compression and exports in much less time than before

With more and faster RAM, you'll be able to work within multiple apps with big files with no slowdown.

With two top-of-the-line graphics cards, the new Mac Pro will play games and edit video with ease.

It uses next-generation flash storage, meaning every application and file will open faster than you've ever seen.

To save space, every processor is attached to a single massive heat sink in the middle.

Rather than using several smaller ones, the entire top is a fan, which removes just as much heat with less sound.

The new Mac Pro has more expansion options than ever before.

The entire top is a comfortable handle - making transporting it easy.

It does all of this while taking up a fraction of the space of the old Mac Pro.

It's coming this fall and it'll be made in the USA.

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