The New Uniforms For Legends Football League Are Still Basically Lingerie

At the beginning of January, the Lingerie Football League announced that it would be rebranding the league and renaming it the Legends Football League.

The biggest change to the league was supposedly the uniforms, the athletes would wear “performance wear,” the press release said, instead of lingerie.

Well, some of the women in the league went on Fox and Friends Tuesday in their new “performance wear” uniforms and they are basically exactly the same as the lingerie uniforms.

LFL founder Mitch Mortaza said the reason for the rebranding of the league is to “empower the women,” and “shift more of the focus to the sport.” Mortaza also said that people already come to watch LFL for the sport and not for the sex appeal and that you actually get more sex at a women’s beach volleyball match.


Here’s what Mortaza had to say about the uniforms:

“We’ve removed all of the lingerie aspects from the uniform, and really focused on the sport.”

Mortaza added that the “logos are less sexy.”

Hm. The uniforms still look exactly the same to us. Here’s the new one:

lingerie football league new uniforms

And the uniform from the LFL’s last season. So, they got rid of a bow and a necklace?

lingerie football league

[h/t Guyism]

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