The new KPMG office in Adelaide has no phones

Photo: KPMG Australia: Graduates & Students’ photos/ Facebook.

KPMG might be in the old trade of firms providing audit, tax and advisory services, but it is doing some moving and shaking in workplace innovation.

The Age reports that the firm’s KPMG Adelaide office has spent $7 million to revolutionise the way the office, and the employees, function.

Not only is all communication routed through computers – meaning there are no clunky desk phones – but the office has also been divided in zones, such as a “focus” area where you go to concentrate and a “spark” area where you go when you have an idea and need to get on a computer quick. The company believes the investment will prepare them for the future.

“It’s a great prototype for the digital age,” KPMG’s national managing partner of people and performance, Susan Ferrier told The Age.

“I think flexible working has been stuck for too long in being thought of more as a women-only issue. This space brings it to life for everyone.

“The agile workspace is also designed to feel like a home, and not an office, because the two parts of life are increasingly intersecting.”

Read more about it here.

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