The New iPad Is Bad For Every Magazine Except One—Here's Today's Ad Brief

kate moss vogue

Wait, something looks bad on the new iPad? But the retina display! Mashable reports that magazines look absolutely awful on the new iPad’s 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution as opposed to the iPad 2’s 1024 x 768-pixel resolution. The New YorkerEsquire, and Sports Illustrated are just a few that are suffering. Since Vogue launched its iPad edition on the same day that the new iPad became available in stores, it is the only magazine that isn’t having problems.

Chipotle has recycled its old billboards to create lunch bags that they are selling online. Buy one and you’ll get a free burrito to be redeemed on Earth Day.

Mad Men’s two-hour season premiere featured half an hour of advertisements … how much is too much?

What begins as a touching ad that chronicles the death of the phone booth turns out to be an ad for Dockers.

At least eight agencies have made it as semifinalists in the battle to win Southwest Airlines’ creative account. That’s a long list.

Digitaria and JWT NY have created Qualcomm Spark, a digital magazine for Qualcomm.

Interpublic’s Initiative has hired 37-year old Nick Pahade as its North America president and CEO. Prior to the move, Pahade was the CEO of Traffiq, a media-services agency.

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