The New Homepage Is The First App You Use Every Morning On Your Smart Phone

In the mobile era, fewer people are typing in urls. But many people are opening their favourite apps.

Google Ventures investor and tech blogger MG Siegler believes the new homepage is the first app you open every morning.

Siegler says that the first app he opens right now is Twitter. It used to be Path and before that, Foursquare. He thinks his behaviour is based on which apps his friends engage with most, and which app he’s currently addicted to.

You can still save webpages like before, but Siegler believes fewer people are bookmarking pages; instead they’re heading straight to Google or social media sites on their desktops.

“I see the first app you turn to in the morning as the new homepage. Some might argue it’s your entire homescreen of apps, but I don’t think that’s right,” Siegler says. “It’s the one service you care most about, no matter the reason, and want to load immediately upon hitting the web. The delivery device has changed, but the concept has not.”

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