Meet The New Foursquare

foursquare new app

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Think Foursquare is still just a “feature”?Think again.

Foursquare just overhauled its mobile check-in applications — and now the app feels more like a discovery engine than a check-in app.

Instead of just using it to check into places, Foursquare has revamped the entire look and feel of the app to give you what feels like a curated feed of new places to explore.

We took the app for a whirl to see if it’s an upgrade. So far, it definitely feels nicer.

Time for an update!

Bam! Here we go.

Apparently this update is a big deal.

First thing's first — it'll ask if you want to connect Foursquare to your Facebook timeline.

Here's the new landing page. The check-in button has moved from the bottom to the top right.

You can pull the screen down to refresh your stream.

Let's check in! Looks pretty similar to the old style of checking in.

The check-in screen is a big more streamlined now. There's a big button to take a photo and a big section to write a comment.

When you take a photo, you can decide whether to share that photo with friends or keep it to yourself.

It's a pretty quick three-step process to check in and post a photo.

Bang! You're checked in. This screen should look pretty familiar — not much has changed.

Each location has its own specific landing page with tips and photos.

The big new feature in the new Foursquare application is a new Explore function.

It'll give you a ton of tips about nearby places...

...that actually feel curated at times. But this list appears to be automatically populated.

There will be sponsored posts in the Explore stream...

Your profile page has been redesigned, too.

Foursquare is still tracking your check-in statistics...

...and awarding badges for checking into a bunch of places under special conditions.

The notification stream is the same as always...

Liking the new Foursquare?

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