An In-Depth Look At The New Facebook, Which Is A Huge Upgrade

Photo: Facebook

Facebook revealed a major redesign yesterday.It hasn’t been widely rolled-out yet, but we’ve spent a few hours with it.

Want to check it out, and hear our impressions?

When you first log into the new Facebook, a series of dialogue boxes appear to show you new features. The first shows you the new choice of feeds

The new has a left-hand menu for navigation, much like Facebook apps already do

This is where to go for help, later.

This is how videos look in the new News Feed. They're bigger, and can play right there.

Another change: Stories shared from the same publisher get pulled together into a mid-page skybox. It's attractive.

The new Facebook's biggest change is that it's now much easier to see different versions of the News Feed. Let's check some out.

This is a feed of only friends from college. I love how the cover photo for the feed is an old photo full of college friends.

So, how'd Facebook do?

The new News Feed is a huge upgrade.

It cleans up the site design quite a bit, and it makes the photos bigger.

That's important, because Facebook is primarily a photo-sharing site.

The new feeds are handy.

I'd gotten bored of going to Facebook and seeing the same three people posting photos and video(even though I like and/or love those three people very much).

The new Music, Photos, and All Friends feed will give me something to click on and good content to scroll through.

The 'Following' feed would be more useful to me if I weren't such an active Twitter user -- where I actively follow a huge list of people and publishers.

Facebook could improve the News Feed even more by establishing partnerships with video content providers from ESPN to HBO to Al Jazeera to bring curated content to a 'Video' feed.

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