The new equities boss at Perpetual says he likes 'getting in your face' and barging into offices

Paul Skamvougeras. Image: Perpetual

Paul Skamvougeras, the new Head of Equities at Perpetual, likes to arrives at people’s offices unannounced when he has something to say.

“I usually just barge into people’s offices and tell them what I know,” he says. “Everyone has their different ways — some people its email, some its the morning meeting — for me its getting in your face.'”

Skamvougeras, Perpetual announced today, will be replacing the current Head of Equities, Matt Williams, who retires in September after 22 years at the company.

Skamvougeras has 19 years of investment experience including 12 at Perpetual.

“The best investment I have ever made is an merging mining company called Riversdale Mining,” he says. “I bought them in the float at 20 cents and sold them at $11.”

He tells the story here:

Skamvougeras is currently the Portfolio Manager of the Concentrated Equity strategy, the SHARE-PLUS Long-Short strategy and the Pure Equity Alpha strategy and a key leader in the equities business.

Under Skamvougeras’ management, the Perpetual Wholesale SHARE-PLUS Long-Short Fund has over the past five years returned 13.9% a year, outperforming its benchmark by 7.4%, while the Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity Fund returned 10.1%.

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