Here's what Trinity Mirror's brand new newspaper The New Day will look like

The New Day newspaperJoel Anderson/Trinity MirrorFirst look at The New Day.

Newspapers in the UK are facing declining sales and ad revenues. The Independent recently announced the end of its print editions, while The Telegraph and The Guardian are also suffering financially.

But on Monday, Trinity Mirror — which owns popular tabloid The Daily Mirror — revealed what its new newspaper will look like. The New Day is calling itself the first new standalone national newspaper to launch in the last 30 years.

The paper will be available from Monday February 29, according to the Daily Mirror, where we first spotted the story. The first edition will be free. It will then cost 25p (35 cents) for its first two weeks, before rising to 50p (70 cents).

The New Day will not even have its own website, Trinity Mirror announced.

The new paper is not going to be like the Daily Mirror, according to the publisher. Unlike the left-leaning Mirror, it will be “politically neutral.” However the new daily newspaper will be edited by The Mirror’s weekend editor, Alison Phillips.

She told The Mirror: “There are many people who aren’t currently buying a newspaper, not because they have fallen out of love with newspapers as a format, but because what is currently available on the news stand is not meeting their needs.”

Simon Fox, chief¬†executive of Trinity Mirror, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “It’s an idea we’ve been working on for over a year, after talking to thousands of readers.”

“It’s a completely different newspaper, not Mirror light in any shape or form.”

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