The New "Bold" Rocks: Buy RIMM

Citigroup analyst Jim Suva got his hands on RIM’s newest handset, the “Bold.” Suva has spent the last few days testing the thing, and has come up with a list of positives and negatives.


Completely new web browser with HTML support is a big improvement from the Curve and Pearl, ability to edit documents received via email & send with revisions (word, excel, powerpoint), meaningfully improved display (I watched Talladega Nights with “Ricky Bobby” last night), world class speaker & phone reception, voice recognition by Nuance works well (call home, call office, call Jim), email & voice to work in Japan & Korea unlike other blackberry products which for business travellers is a big positive, good video taking and playback, GPS works very easy and Is free, very easy device & software set up as I figured it all out without technology help or instruction manual.


AT&T has yet to launch the Bold (Rogers in Canada should launch on Thursday August 21), we had a few occasional 3G signal dropping troubles at some locations especially on high-rises building streets & on our 34th floor (EDGE picked up immediately but slower internet speeds) which may be why AT&T has yet to launch the product (our view is RIMM will not push out this device without resolving such issues via software patch or AT&T resolution), smudges on the screen from our extended testing, not a touch screen phone (nor was this expected but wait for future products in 2H08), I did not get an instruction book (likely because it is not carrier certified/launched yet in North America or at AT&T) but I managed to get everything set up (email, phone, internet, GPS) very quickly, 2MP camera could have had more MP resolution.

Overall, Suva’s assessment of the Bold was positive, and he thinks that the Bold’s launch could be an appealing catalyst so long as the AT&T launch date is sooner rather than later. Suva reiterates his Buy rating and $160 price target.

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