The New Advertising: HitViews Update Gives Glimpse of How Social Media Can Drive Engagement

About a week ago I wrote about a company called HitViews, which helped traditional brands find a new generation of Web Video Stars to endorse their products on YouTube and other social media outlets.

I referenced a campaign the company did for Ruder & Finn’s client, Mountain Dew’s new product: White Out. Three different video bloggers each posted 2 videos of their own making.

Today I learned that just one of the bloggers, nick-named Tobuscus, had already received more than a million views in its first week. His video, showing life inside his personal “white out,” was very clever and by midnight last night had been up less than a week.


Even more interesting are these additional facts:

1) By midnight 4217 comments had been written by fans, mostly positive.
2) 72 viewers had actually made response videos to Tobuscus’ “Commercial”.
3) More than 10,000 people voted either “Like” or “Dislike” of the videos, with more than 9,900 voting “Like”.

To be sure, most Web videos receive dozens, not millions of views. But there is a category of video web stars who have mastered the ability to draw mass audiences to their work. And they inspire creative response, the elusive “engagement” advertisers are seeking in a new marketing world that it more “conversation” than broadcast.

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