The neighbours Have Had It With The Gansevoort Hotel's Crazy Sunday Pool Parties

gansevoort roof party

Photo: @Djchuckie/Instagram

Drunk, bikini-clad “scenesters’ have been flooding the pool roof deck at the Gansevoort Hotel on Sundays, disturbing neighbours with the ruckus and violating city building codes, according to the New York Post.The hotel’s weekly Summer Series parties reportedly cram 300 people on to the roof of the Gansevoort—well above the deck’s maximum capacity of 54 (the entire bar floor can hold 254, but even so the party’s go over capacity, according to the Post).

The Post described the scene on a recent Sunday:

A bevy of sexy beauties smoked, drank and tossed beach balls as the dance music pounded thanks to DJ Chuckie, a Dutchman who is one of several top DJs to make the Summer Series parties.

Others signaled their approval by blasting air horns as they downed shots from table-service bottles of Absolut vodka.

neighbours said they have called 311 to report the crazy parties, but the situation has not improved. A law-enforcement source told the Post the NYPD would monitor the parties on coming Sundays, checking for excessive noise and other rowdy behaviour.

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