The NBA Playoffs Are Unfair, Just Like Every Other Postseason System

Danny Granger Indiana Pacers NBA

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The NBA and NHL playoffs near. Fans of “decent-to-good” teams will sometimes tell you that simply appearing in the playoffs is an unexpected treat, like a lottery ticket folded inside of a birthday card.Inevitably, though, a team or two will get jobbed out of a playoff spot. It sports a superior record to a team that is making the playoffs, but will miss out because it’s in the wrong league or division. This team, more often than not, is a hanger-on, but there are still few things more disheartening, especially if your team is the sort of team that doesn’t see the playoffs very often.

This year, the Rockets, Suns, and Jazz are going to miss the NBA Playoffs. These three teams aren’t terribly good — the Suns and Jazz are below .500, in fact — but they have records superior to that of the Pacers, who have clinched the final playoff slot in the East.

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