The Navy SEAL Who Saw Bin Laden Killed Appears On 60 Minutes

SEAL Mark Owen

Photo: Video CBS News

Not an “easy day” for the makeup department.The author of the new book on the Obama bin Laden raid, Matt Bissonnette, appeared on 60 Minutes recently to talk about the event and discuss his book, set to be released Sept. 4 (a week ahead of its originally planned debut on 9/11). In front of cameras, the former SEAL was wearing a facial alteration, which is understandable since the photos published of him date back to 2001.

Bissonnette, or “Mark Owen,” (the pseudonym he was somewhat pretentiously referred to throughout the program) told 60 Minutes that “If these crazies on either side of the aisle want to make it political, shame on them. This is a book about September 11 and it needs to rest on September 11 — not to be brought into the political arena because it has nothing to do with politics.”

Bissonnette can thank a largely partisan effort on behalf of the OpSec Education Fund for bringing his book into political limelight. The fund recently released an ad admonishing Obama for creating a “culture of leaks.”

Federal authorities and the military have already said that if Bissonnette revealed any classified information, then he could face charges. Anonymous sources have assured me personally though that the book has been properly vetted by members in the Special Operations community, if not necessarily by official government agencies.

The retired SEAL’s account of the raid also differs from that of the official government account of what happened, casting the validity of the original story into doubt.

The video is below, following an interminable 30 second dely:

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