The National Enquirer Publishes A Distasteful Image of Whitney Houston's Open Casket

Photo: screenshot

The National Enquirer continues to push the boundaries of tastelessness. The publication has published an alleged photo of Whitney Houston‘s open casket on the cover of their latest issue.  

According to The Wrap, the photo was taken during the singer’s open-casket wake in Newark, N.J.

The photo runs with the headline: “Whitney Houston Last Photo” showing the singer in a purple dress and diamond jewelry the mag claims is “worth $500,000.”

This isn’t the first time the publication has touted supposed “last photos” of a celebrity. In 2008, the Enquirer posted fake images of Anna Nicole Smith in a half-zipped body bag soon after her death. 

The photo in question is reminiscent of the publication’s image of Elvis Presley‘s open casket shot after his death in 1977. 

Fans of Houston took to Twitter to air their grievances about the controversial image with the majority observing the photo as disrespectful.

Out of respect, we refuse to run the image. If you wish to view the photo, you can click here.

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