The Name "Bank of America Merrill Lynch" Is Way Too Long

Merrill Bank of America?

Photo: AP

Bank of America’s merger with Merill Lynch produced an uncomfortably long name, “Bank of America Merrill Lynch.”JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse – all of these roll off the tongue nicely.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch knows it has a problem. Their seven syllable tongue twister takes even longer to type.

The bank recently addressed an issue with their email addresses being too long. What used to be @bofasecurities is now @baml, which we hear is a much appreciated improvement.

“I was worried I was misspelling it every time. It was horrible.”

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s midterm solution seems to be “BofA Merrill Lynch,” which is slightly better.

(Please) make the jump. Merrill Bank of America?

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