The murderers who escaped from a maximum-security prison in New York might have referenced "Family Guy" in a note they left mocking law enforcement

Prison escape noteScreenshotThe note seen here was left on a pipe on the alleged escape route of two convicted murderers who broke out of a New York prison last week.

Law enforcement officials are still attempting to hunt down two murderers who escaped from a New York maximum-security prison over the weekend.

Much has been said about Richard Matt and David Sweat’s daring and apparently elaborate breakout.

Investigators say the plan required extensive preparation and access to equipment that inmates would not have access to — such as hacksaws, extension cords, and hot-wired electrical junction boxes, reportedly used to power the tools.

A note left on a pipes on the inmates’ alleged escape route appears to be a reference to an episode of the animated television series “Family Guy.”

In the scene, Peter Griffin the sketch artist draws a picture of an Asian American assaulter as described by a victim who is unable to give any information besides the perpetrator’s ethnicity.

The sketch appears to be identical to the one Matt and Sweat allegedly left on their way out of prison.

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